Following the recent developments of the COVID 19 pandemic, the management team at Luina Bio has developed a series of new rules and actions that is targeted at protecting your health, decreasing the chances of viral transmission within the workplace and ensure business continuity during these challenging times.


We need to prevent the spread of the infection as much as possible. The Government and health authorities have given a lot of very good advice in the last few days and we will apply this advice as much as practical. There are many things we can do in that regard:

Hand sanitation

Luina Bio will provide disinfectant hand wash in an array of locations throughout the company. All employees are expected to sanitize their hands when arriving to the company, when using the kitchen and bathroom and frequently during the day.

We will make our own batches following the WHO recipe as supplies are currently unreliable.


Health authorities discourage social touching (hand shake, hugging) as this is a route of transmission for the virus. We strongly suggest team members follow this advice. Also, avoid touching your own face, nose mouth, eyes and hands as best you can.

Sneeze or cough into a tissue or into your elbow. Discard any tissue immediately after use in the closed lid bins that have been provided.

Working space management

The WHO suggests keeping at least 1-meter distance between people. Please be mindful of this when going to the kitchen for lunch or to the bathroom. Please ensure there are no more than three people in either kitchen at any one time.

A number of team members will be asked to temporarily change work location to ensure a greater distancing between workstations.

Personnel are invited to clean their desk daily and their keyboard at the beginning of each work session, especially for shared computers.

Meeting room surfaces will be sanitized daily and the kitchen and bathrooms will be cleaned thoroughly daily.

Working from home

A number of members of staff will be asked to work from home if at all possible. Your managers will explain the practicalities of this temporary change.


Personnel will be required to wear surgical masks at all time while in the production suites. This will aid in minimizing spread of microorganisms and aid in further protecting your colleagues and the products we manufacture.


Business travel and Attendance to trade shows and conferences have been suspended until further notice. If at all possible, team members should avoid public transport or travel outside of peak hours.


As much as practical prolonged meetings are to be avoided. Internet based meetings (using Zoom, Skype) are to be preferred.


No non-essential visitors are not allowed on the premises until new notice.


If a team member is directly affected by COVID 19 a series of steps will be taken to minimize the spread of the virus to the rest of the company.

Immunocompromised and at-risk colleagues

If you feel you are or that are at close contact with people at enhanced risk from infection (Chronic medical conditions, asthmatic, immunocompromised etc.) please inform HR who will, together with your manager, ensure that you are particularly protected.

Temperature monitoring

Every staff member is to check their own body temperature twice daily at work. If the reading is above 37.3C then the team member is asked to self-isolate for 14 days.

If a family member of an employee comes in contact with someone sick (i.e. School closed because of contagion)

The team member is welcome to come to work provided they monitor body temperature as they arrive to work and as they leave work. The temperature should be under 37.3C.

If a team member comes in contact with someone confirmed positive outside of work

The team member will self-isolate for 14 days.

If a team member is sick

If a team member has the symptoms described for COVID 19 they must not come to work. It is important that HR is informed as soon as possible. The people with which the employee has been in close contact to send them home for self-isolation for 14 days. If no symptoms have developed, these people may then return to work.

Workers who have had superficial contact with the positive person shall continue to attend work, and shall monitor their temperature twice per day.

We feel confident that if we all apply these measures and activities with the diligence that they deserve we will reduce the risk to your health, that of our colleagues and of our families. Our ambition is to be impacted only superficially by this event and to keep infections at work to zero.

Remember this only works if everyone understands that it is their responsibility to support the policy.

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