Biopharma Development and Manufacturing Services

AcuraBio is an Australia-based contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that provides development and biomanufacturing to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and veterinary industries.

Australia offers biopharma companies a streamlined regulatory framework and generous tax incentives making it a prime location for biotech research.

For more than 20 years, AcuraBio has been a world leader specializing in recombinant proteins and vaccines and complex live therapeutic products.

AcuraBio’s Path to Success

Previously known as Luina Bio, AcuraBio was originally part of Progen Pharmaceuticals Ltd beginning in 1990. The CMO division provided microbial fermentation services to many local and international clients, building years of expertise and experience. In 2008 it separated from Progen Pharmaceuticals as PharmaSynth to enable standalone operations and visibility to the biotechnology market.

In 2016, PharmaSynth Pty Ltd was bought by Luina Group Pty Ltd in a management/investor buyout and the company was renamed Luina Bio.

In 2022 the company was acquired by leading healthcare investors Dr. Glenn Haifer and Ampersand Capital Partners and renamed AcuraBio.

Today, AcuraBio is one of APAC’s most experienced biopharmaceutical CDMOs, offering trusted, client-focused services to both domestic and international clients.

Australia’s Biopharma Development & Manufacturing Services Advantage

World-class researchers and proven facilities, a streamlined regulatory framework, generous tax incentives, and government funding make Australia a prime location for biotech research.