AcuraBio’s experience in producing live biotherapeutic products, with both aerobic and anaerobic organisms, includes the development of scalable and fully closed axenic production processes. AcuraBio is the perfect choice of microbiome CDMO for cost-effective, full-service fermentation of both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms.

Our services in microbial fermentation or microbiome manufacturing for both bacterial and yeast strains include:

  • Master and working cell bank preparation, validation, and storage
  • Fermentation and subsequent downstream purification
  • Downstream processing optimization and development
  • Multiple feed strategies and media options
  • Lyophilization or spray drying

AcuraBio has experience working with many different types of LBPs and will help you create a robust and controlled process to move products seamlessly through clinical trials toward commercial launch. Our facilities are supported by cGMP-compliant QA and QC testing services to efficiently support your biomanufacturing needs.

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