For more than 20 years, AcuraBio has been a world leader in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and microbial biomanufacturing, including recombinant proteins production for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and veterinary industries.

AcuraBio understands the complexity of protein biosynthesis. As experts in development and manufacture of both small – and large-scale proteins, we support you at every stage of your product life cycle.

Our laboratories can assist with basic protein biochemical analysis or more complex post translational modifications to activate or deactivate your proteins as needed to suit your project’s particular requirements. In addition, we offer expression and identification of your target protein, GMP purification, and refolding services.

Our comprehensive biopharmaceutical protein manufacturing solutions include:

  • Strain and process development
  • GMP manufacture of recombinant proteins
  • Production of GMP material for preclinical studies and Phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trial material batches

Should your protein API needs increase significantly, we can help you avoid the common bottlenecks and pitfalls associated with scale-up services, such as multi-kilogram manufacturing through regulating cellular functions, purification optimisation, and optimized translation.

We’ll embrace your recombinant protein project as our own and make it our priority while delivering it to the highest quality standards. We’re as passionate about the science behind your protein project as we are about the success of it. For the unique expertise to help you actualize your recombinant protein vision, there’s only one CDMO to trust.

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