AcuraBio’s extensive experience in microbial process development can provide the expertise you need from the beginning to the end of your project’s process. AcuraBio has a well-established biotech process development team of experts that can provide the practical consultation, adaptability, and technical capabilities for your product’s success.

Our 110 m2 modular laboratories are equipped for both upstream and downstream development. We also offer technology transfer services for the implementation of a developed process from our customers. AcuraBio holds licenses through TGA, APVMA, OGTR, and DAWR for manufacturing and storage of both clinical stage and commercial API products, as well as finished pharmaceutical goods.

Downstream Services From GMP Fermentation to Purification

AcuraBio has equipment to develop, test, and validate methods for product recovery, concentration, and/or purification. Our downstream development process allows us to match our fermenter scales, whether the product is a living biotherapeutic or a recombinant protein. The overall purification strategy is customized to your project. How?

The breadth of our scientists’ experience allows AcuraBio to develop and implement a cost-effective and robust method to maximize your product yield. The process we develop is then scaled up in size-appropriate equipment to ensure reproducibility and prepare for a successful GMP purification campaign.