AcuraBio has a well-established biotech process development team with extensive experience in microbial upstream and downstream development for all types of biopharmaceuticals. Our team provides technical expertise, adaptability, and personalized attention your pharmaceutical process development demands.

Our 110 m2 modular laboratories are equipped for both levels of development. We also offer technology transfer services for the implementation of a customer-developed process. AcuraBio holds licenses through TGA, APVMA, OGTR, and DAF for manufacturing and storage of both clinical stage and commercial API products, as well as finished pharmaceutical goods.

Upstream Process Development for Biotech and Pharmaceuticals

At AcuraBio, we develop and evaluate a range of IP-free bacterial expression systems to express your recombinant protein. We ensure the most effective expression by developing the best-suited fermentation for any bacterial and yeast strain, including anaerobic fermentation.

Scale-up starts in our parallel fermenters to ensure the reproducibility of conditions, and continues by bringing up the volumes to 30L and 500L for confirmation of the fermentation conditions and as preparation and engineering batches for GMP production.